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    • Best Graduate Schools 2012 (U. S. News Best Graduate Schools)

    • Author:   U. S. News & World Report
    • Genre:   
      College & University
    • *2013 Edition On-Sale Now. Thinking about starting an M.B.A. program or getting your law degree? Or pursuing a Ph.D in neuroscience or engineering? Check out the 2012 edition of U.S. News's Best Graduate Schools, which features exclusive rankings of graduate programs in disciplines from the arts and sciences to business, education, law, and medicine. A preview of the top 72 business programs and the best of the nation's 190 law schools: The Best Business Schools 1.Stanford 2.Harvard 3.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) 3.University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) 5.Northwestern (Kellogg) 5.University of Chicago (Booth) The Best Law Schools 1.Yale 2.Harvard 3.Stanford 4.Columbia 5.University of Chicago In addition, a directory of more than 1,200 programs features the latest admissions requirements, deadlines, starting salaries, and more. Find out how the best law schools are changing their curricula to better suit the needs of big law firms. Discover how the best business schoo...
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    • Best Hospitals 2012

    • Author:   U. S. News & World Report
    • Genres:   
      Catalogs & Directories
      Health, Fitness & Dieting
    • Are you or a family member facing serious illness or complex surgery? When the stakes are high, you want the very best care you can get. U.S. News & World Report's "Best Hospitals 2012" can guide you to the top-ranked medical centers for both adults and children in specialties from cancer and heart problems to respiratory disorders and orthopedics. Plus: *Find out which hospitals rank highest in your city *Diagnosed with cancer? How you can take advantage of the country's top experts *Brain surgeons at work: Exclusive photos of three operations at University of California, San Francisco Medical Center *How to find the right doctor *Free medical tests that can save your life SPECIAL REPORT: Staying Well The 10 best diets for losing weight, plus U.S. News's new ranking of the best eating plans for heart health and preventing or managing diabetes. Plus, 10 scourges of aging that baby boomers can avoid with exercise, from arthritis to osteoporosis to cognitive decline.
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    • Titanic 2012 (Curse of RMS Titanic - an Inspector Alastair Ransom title)

    • Author:   Robert W. Walker
    • Genres:   
      Historical fiction
      Alternate History
      Alternative History
      Sea Adventures
    • This historical generational horror/suspense/science fiction novel defies genre classification as it has intrigue and terror. It is a Centenary retelling of the Titanic story to destroy all the false legends surrounding Titanic. “From a master of terror and suspense,” according to Clive Cussler, author of Raise the Titanic, herein lies a compelling reason that forces Captain Edward J. Smith to scuttle his own ship—RMS Titanic. What dark secret prompts such an action on the part of a veteran, retiring captain on a ship’s maiden voyage? What prompts men a hundred years later to pillage the wreck of the Titanic? What secret lies buried within the lost ship—a secret that could destroy all life as we know it?The answers are unveiled in April 1912 and in April 2012…and there will be blood...
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    • 2012 Awakening: Choosing Spiritual Enlightenment Over Armageddon

    • Authors:   Sri Ram Kaa   Kira Raa
    • Genre:   
    • HUMANITY STANDS AT THE BRINK OF A CROSSROADS. WHICH PATH WILL YOU CHOOSE?AWAKE FROM YOUR DREAM TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR DESTINY!Ancient Mayan predictions foretell that the world will end on December 21, 2012. Yet, as this date approaches most of us do not know where we are headed or why we are here. In 2012: Awakening, Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa show how to discover your deeper soul purpose and prepare for the important choice of 2012: continue on the path of destruction or ascend to the new spiritual realm.Choose the spiritual path and you will learn to experience Joy in the face of Global Anxiety. Discover that:•Multidimensional existence is real and you are already living it•Angels are here and can show you how to create miracles•Leumeria, Atlantis and Earth’s Galactic origins are not myths•There are four basic soul groups; find yours and identify your true Soul Mate•The current global chaos is a necessary first step toward the Awakening
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    • Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform 2012 Election Edition, Plus NEW MyPoliSciLab wit...

    • Authors:   Karen O'Connor   Larry J. Sabato   Alixandra B. Yanus
    • Genres:   
      Political Science
      Education & Reference
    • Understand American politics from past to present   Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform, 2012 Election Edition explores how the origins of American government affect the issues facing the United States today. This streamlined and flexible text offers the strongest coverage of history and current events.  This approach encourages students to study present political structures and behaviors in full constitutional and historical context. The text helps students learn how our government evolved and how they can become more informed citizens.  Most importantly, it encourages them to discover that politics can be–and most often is–a good thing.   This text features full integration with the New MyPoliSciLab.  MyPoliSciLab includes a wide array of resources to encourage students to look at American politics like a political scientist and analyze current political issues.  Political Explorer lets students play the role of a political scientist by investigat...
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    • Marketing 2012

    • Authors:   William M. Pride   O. C. Ferrell
    • Genres:   
      All product
      Just Arrived
    • Perfect for students of all backgrounds and interest levels, Pride and Ferrell's MARKETING, 16E combines a thorough overview of essential marketing principles with a visually-engaging, reader-friendly presentation. This popular, proven text, and a full range of supplemental learning resources, (including eLectures, videos, and an interactive marketing plan) provide students with the knowledge and decision-making skills they'll need to succeed in today's competitive business environment. MARKETING, 16E includes the most current coverage of marketing strategies and concepts with extensive real-world examples including material on social networking and digital marketing. This edition has a new chapter on digital media and social networking that incorporates the latest research and trends in the ever-changing environment of e-marketing. You will find important topics drawn from the rapidly-changing world of modern business including social and environmental responsibility, sustainability,...
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    • Interior Design Using Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012

    • Authors:   Daniel John Stine   Aaron Hansen
    • Genres:   
      Drafting & Presentation
    • The intent of this book is to provide the interior design student a well-rounded knowledge of Autodesk Revit tools and techniques. These skills can then be applied to enhance professional development in both academia and industry. The overall premise of the book is to learn Revit Architecture while developing the interior of a two story law office. The reader is provided an architectural model with established columns, beams, exterior walls, minimal interior walls and roofs in which to work. This allows more emphasis to be placed on interior design rather than primary architectural elements. The chapters chronology generally follows the typical design process. Students will find this book helps them more accurately and efficiently develop their design ideas and skills. The first chapter introduces the reader to Revit, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the basics of opening, saving and creating a new project. The second provides a quick introduction to modeling basic elem...
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