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    • Breathing Method of 88 Form Taiji Quan

    • Authors:   Mao Jingguang   Yang Yuan   Wu Biqiang
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      Health, Fitness & Dieting
    • The Breathing Method 88 Form Taiji Quan is one of the spectacular Taiji boxing styles. It is a training course for advanced learners in which the methods of breathing and thinking in the actions of boxing are introduced.There are 88 postures to present in 30 minutes,which requires the most intense energy and exercise. This book adopts the three-dimensional teaching method of diagram, words and video. The authoritative are invited for technical performance and teaching demonstrations, guaranteeing the learners to gain the real technical method transmission.
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    • 88 Days

    • Author:   Bryon Van Fleet
    • Genre:   
    • As World War II drew to a close in Europe, the Germans emptied out their prison camps and began a death march across Europe. Nearly a million men struggled through the ordeal that varied from five hundred to a thousand miles, through the worst winter in memory. Food had to be scrounged or stolen, and men died by the thousands. Amazingly, this is the least-known major event of World War II. Even most veterans of that war have never heard of this barbaric event. Invariably, when people hear the term "death march" they think of Bataan, yet the European Death March involved far more men, over a much longer route, through an unbelievably brutal winter. 88 Days tells the true story of Clem Pine, who flew 29 missions as the tail gunner on a B-17 before being shot down, imprisoned in Stalag Luft 4, and then surviving the death march for 88 days.
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